Annual Report 2018
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TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom
Annual Report 2018

The management and the workers of TVEL Fuel Company fully share the anti-corruption policy implemented by the Government and Rosatom State Corporation

Concentration in TVEL Fuel Company of significant material, financial and intellectual resources determines the critical importance of ensuring their security (including counteracting the misuse of assets, their theft, corruption and other economic abuses).

In order to create conditions for reduction of corruption and embezzlement, the enterprises of the Company adopted a local regulatory document “Concerning implementation of the Complex program for anti-corruption and anti-embezzlement in TVEL JSC and companies of the management system of the Fuel Company”. The document is based on the approved by Rosatom “Anti-Corruption Plan 2018-2020 of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”.

In 2018, TVEL JSC enacted the following anti-corruption orders:

  • Order d/d 23.10.2018 No. 4/469-П “On approval and implementation of the Anti-Corruption Plan in TVEL JSC for 2018-2020”.

The Unified Sectoral Guidelines for the Assessment of Corruption Risks in the companies of Rosatom are aimed at:

  • establishment in the companies of Rosatom of general approaches to identify processes and business operations in the activities of an organization, the implementation of which is associated with likelihood of corrupt practices committed by employees of such organization, both for personal gain and for the benefit of the organization;
  • ensuring compliance of anti-corruption measures implemented with the specifics of the organization’s activities and the tasks of rational use of resources focusing at carrying out work to prevent corruption; formation of the list of posts associated with high corruption risk; development of a set of measures to eliminate or minimize corruption risks;
  • ensuring minimization of possible corruption manifestations and risks in the implementation of large-scale projects with the government participation, including infrastructure projects financed within the framework of federal target programs and at the expense of the National Welfare Fund.
Scheme 11
System for combating unlawful behavior in TVEL FC

Normative legal acts and local documents of TVEL JSC in the field of anti-corruption are posted on the Company’s official website

As part of the systematic work aimed at countering corruption and other violations, the Fuel Company established the following divisions:

  • the Asset Protection Unit (at the level of TVEL JSC);
  • assets protection subdivisions (at the level of subsidiaries).

The main objectives of the security unit of TVEL JSC are to create conditions for the effective development of the Company by successfully countering the negative influences of external and internal factors that threaten the implementation of its strategic initiatives and the fulfilment of the production plans of the nuclear industry.

As of December 31, 2018, in the asset protection subdivisions, there were 61 qualified specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience.

As part of the execution of the order on corruption risks, 31 business processes were evaluated.

Contacts of the corporate hot line of Rosatom for anticorruption and anti-embezzlement in nuclear sector:

Tel.: 8 (800) 100-07-07


For details visit Rosatom website:

And TVEL Fuel Company website:

Main fields of structural subdivisions’ work:

  • ensuring economic security and protection of assets of TVEL JSC and its subsidiaries in the course of production and financial economic activity;
  • revealing, prevention and localization of threats (risks) to economic interests and business reputation of TVEL JSC and its subsidiaries;
  • information and analytical support of the President of the Company and structural subdivisions of the Company regarding the economic security;
  • arrangement in the Company and its subsidiaries of the regime of commercial and business secrecy;
  • development and implementation of measures aimed at prevention of corrupt behavior.
Table 11
Results of TVEL Fuel Company anti-corruption activity






Number of package materials sent to law enforcement agencies





Criminal proceedings instituted on their basis





Employees brought to disciplinary responsibility





Number of verifications of information on possible abuse and violations received through the specialized communication channels “Hot Line”





The number of verifications for which the information was confirmed





Amount of prevented and compensated damage as a result of the implementation of measures to ensure economic security and asset protection, RUB mln